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NORMADENSE 2 TRIO Thick, Full & Dense Normalizing Densifying

For Anemic, Dry, Fine, Frail, Brittle, Thin Looking Hair,
Visibly Lacking Density

1 X Procure Prowash (shampoo) 10.1 FL. OZ.
1 X Procure Masque-Creme (conditioner) 10.1 FL. OZ.
1 X Procure Prestocure Hair Oil (15) Capsules
1 x WAITLESS PRO-STYLIST Styling Mousse 5.6 FL. OZ.
1 x Professional Shampoo / Masque Scalp Massage Brush

1 - Super Concentrated PROWASH (shampoo)
Luxurious lather gently cleanses and helps nourish, revitalize, care and protect by deeply infusing colour-treated hair and scalp with rich 100% VEGAN Nourishing Systems.

2 - Super Concentrated MASQUE-CREME (conditioner) 
Lightweight cream richly auto-emulsifies to help nourish, revitalize, and protect by deeply infusing colour-treated hair and scalp with rich 100% VEGAN Nourishing Systems.

3 - PRESTOCURE Hair Oil Capsules 
Encapsulated Intensive Leave-In Treatment (Hair & Scalp)
24/7 Total & Complete Protection & Balanced Nutrition, Instant, Long-Lasting, Extended Release & Action, up to next shampoo, Instant Absorption, Residue Free, Weightless, Does Not Weigh Hair Down, Instant Multi-Tasker, Continuous Total Care Action. Prime & Prep - Seal, Treat, Repair & Strengthen - Balance & Condition - Prevent & Protect - Perfect & Beautify.

4 - VERSATILE STYLING MOUSSE combining the lightweight versatile performance of SETTING-AND-STYLING* in ONE-WAITLESS-SINGLE-STEP*.

It instantly visibly transforms the hair fibers by infusing controlled-and-balanced Volume Texture Body Lift* for optimum Control, Definition, Structure, Body, Flexible Texture & Movement to create any and EVERY-LOOK & STYLE* desired. Weightless, Flexible Light Hold with Memory Effect, Style & Re-Style, Super Shine, Static & Frizz Control, Alcohol Free.

5 - Ergonomically designed Professional Shampoo / Masque Scalp Massage Brush that perfectly molds the shape of your hand with a wet sure grip handle, which is easily controlled with the use of only one hand.

It is ideal to massage, stimulate and work any hair and scalp treatments such as Prowash, Masque-Crème, Triple-Crème Deep Masque and Prestocure Bio-Serum through any hair and scalp types.

NORMADENSE* 2 Weightless System deeply nourishes and helps purify, hydrate, re-balance, energize, stimulate and strengthen the Nutrient-Deprived Zones of scalp, follicles and hair.

Helps purify hair follicles and scalp of suffocating impurities, residues and clogging sebum; promoting scalp micro-circulation to sustain healthy scalp environment for full hair potential.

VitalPreciousOils* & LipidBound Hydration* help correct and prevent the visible signs of hair damage, oxidation and premature ageing; revealing youthful softness, movement, vibrant colour and shine.

PhytoBraceForce*, Ceramides, Biotin, Niacinamide, Proteino- Pea- BioPeptides* help fortify and repair, acting as a Fortifying Support Structure, adding substance, boosting texture & body, visibly transforming and amplifying hair diameter fiber-by-fiber.

Instantly, hair looks and feels energized, weightlessly lifted, stronger, thicker, denser and fuller for VISIBLE TOUCHABLE DIMENSION* - for long lasting style retention and healthy looking results.

100% Free Series*: 
Free of Sulfates, Parabens, Salt, MI, MCI, Lactose & Gluten.
TruColour Care* anti-fading system helps prolong the purity, radiance & vibrancy of colour and shine

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